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Brief Introduction to Tengsheng
Zhaoqing Tengsheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vegetable processing machinery. It provides tailor-made solutions for fruit and vegetable processing for customers, saves human costs, improves production efficiency and solves recruitment problems. It mainly deals in products: fruit and vegetable cleaner, stick machine, vegetable cutter, garlic paste machine...


Principle and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaner uses the ultrasonic generator to send out the ultrasonic vibration wave to vibrate the fouling and cause the pollutant to fall off. Its basic principle is to ...

How to Choose Power of Ultrasound Cleaner

1. It is not the higher the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power.When the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is hig...

8 Key Points of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

As a kind of food machinery, the canteen vegetable cutter often touches various kinds of food materials and materials, which are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will cause vari...

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