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Common problem

Attention should be paid to the environment of large-scale vegetable cutter

Release time:2019-06-24

We can use a large cutting machine to cut a lot of vegetables, which can greatly reduce manpower and reduce production costs. But if we want to get good use of it, we should pay attention to these problems when we install it.

1. It is very important that the device of large-scale vegetable cutter must be used in 380V commercial power supply environment because of its high power. If the power supply voltage is not enough, it will easily lead to overload problems.

2. There is also a need for a normal water supply and drainage pipeline, because the equipment accumulates a lot of juice when cutting vegetables, so it needs to be flushed and adhere to the sanitation of the working environment.

3. Large-scale vegetable cutters must be used in a wide environment, and when cutting vegetables, there will be a lot of juice. If the environment is not wide, accidents will occur easily.

4. Ventilation is also a problem that we should pay attention to when installing a large-scale vegetable cutter. Adhering to ventilation can effectively reduce the temperature of the working space and keep the vegetables fresh.

These are the problems we need to pay attention to when we carry out the device of the large-scale vegetable cutter, so that we can get a better effect when we use it.

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