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Common problem

Cautions in the Use of Cutting Machine

Release time:2019-06-24

When we use the bird slicer to cut meat, we should also pay attention to some matters of application to prevent damage to it.

1. With regard to the cleaning of the main body of the bird slicer, we can not use strong water to wash out, so as to prevent the formation of short circuit.

2. When cleaning, it can be cleaned with warm water at 80 ~C and detergent without fluorescent agent.

3. If the tool is not used, we should use the grinding rod to polish it and keep it sharp.

4. With regard to the gear and sliding axle parts of the bird slicer, we should use edible oil or butter to smooth it, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the machine and add its service life.

If we can pay attention to these, we can greatly reduce the incidence of defects when using the bird slicer, and together we can make it have a longer service life.

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