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Common problem

We should pay more attention to the use of multi-functional vegetable cutter.

Release time:2019-06-24

Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is a kind of vegetable processing machinery. It is a new type of machinery now. It can reduce our labor costs. It is very convenient, fast and well done. Although this kind of machine is very useful, we should pay more attention to it when we use it.

Application of multi-function vegetable cutter:

1. Mechanical application is ambitious. We must check whether the protective equipment and power supply are outstanding and whether there are any debris on the conveyor belt.

2. After opening, we must first investigate the normal operation of the work after we are in progress.

3. It is very risky not to put your finger under the dial or the vertical knife in operation.

4. When adding vegetables, it must increase evenly to prevent the blockage of the entrance.

5. When cleaning the multi-functional vegetable cutter, we must cut off the power supply and do not use water to flush.

6. Check the exercise part after using it every day.

No matter what kind of machinery we use, we should first look at its application instructions, and then use it. This can ensure our own safety, but also allow the machinery to work quickly.

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