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  • Principle and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

    The ultrasonic cleaner uses the ultrasonic generator to send out the ultrasonic vibration wave to vibrate the fouling and cause the pollutant to fall off. Its basic principle is to use the charged particles to free on the surface of the pollutant, then penetrate into the pollutant, and then use the function of the electrolytic rod to absorb the char...

  • How to Choose Power of Ultrasound Cleaner

    1. It is not the higher the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power.When the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is high, the sound intensity will increase, the radius and initial radius of the cavitation bubble will increase, and the cavitation intensity will increase. That is, the highe...

  • 8 Key Points of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

    As a kind of food machinery, the canteen vegetable cutter often touches various kinds of food materials and materials, which are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will cause various degrees of corrosion to the main parts of the vegetable cutter and fruit and vegetable cleaner, and the parts of the vegetable cutter are more and more prone to probl...

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