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8 Key Points of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

Release time:2019-06-24

As a kind of food machinery, the canteen vegetable cutter often touches various kinds of food materials and materials, which are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will cause various degrees of corrosion to the main parts of the vegetable cutter and fruit and vegetable cleaner, and the parts of the vegetable cutter are more and more prone to problems. Yes. The canteen cutter therefore needs to do the following:

1. Place the vegetable cutter in the canteen on the horizontal ground before operation to ensure that the vegetable cutter is stable and reliable. Make sure that the plug of the vegetable cutter has good touch, no loosening and no water mark.

2. Check whether there are foreign bodies in the rotating barrel or conveyor belt. If there are foreign bodies, they must be cleaned up to avoid tool damage.

3. Operate and adjust the cutting mode according to the type of vegetable processed. Centrifugal slicer is used to slice hard vegetable of melon and potato. The vertical knife part can process soft vegetable of leaf or sliced into various shapes such as blocks, dices and diamonds of different specifications.

4. Install the vertical knife. First rotate the adjustable eccentric wheel to make the tool holder move to the bottom dead point, then raise the tool holder 1-2 mm upward. After touching the vertical knife and the conveyor belt, fasten the vertical knife on the tool holder with the fastening nut. If the lifting height of the tool holder is small, vegetables may be knifed together. If the lifting height of the tool holder is too high, it may cut the conveyor belt.

5. When you do not use the vegetable cutter in the canteen for a long time, please put it in a dry and ventilated place.

6. Wash in time after each use to ensure cleanliness and no food materials, materials and residues.

7. Oil key parts and screws regularly. In view of the particularity of food machinery, oil can be lubricated with high-quality olive oil.

8. Check the key parts regularly and do a good job of protection. No one carefully protects the good machinery. After all, the service life will not be long. Maintain the dining hall cutting machine in time to increase its service life.

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