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How to Choose Power of Ultrasound Cleaner

Release time:2019-06-24

1. It is not the higher the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power.

When the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is high, the sound intensity will increase, the radius and initial radius of the cavitation bubble will increase, and the cavitation intensity will increase. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, which is beneficial to cleaning. But it is not the greater the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power. The higher the sound power is, the more obvious the cavitation effect is. It will produce a large number of useless bubbles, increase the diffraction attenuation and form a sound barrier. At the same time, the greater the sound intensity, the greater the non-linear attenuation, which will affect the cleaning effect of the parts to be cleaned away from the sound source. Moreover, the cavitation corrosion of the cleaning vibration plate is more serious, resulting in shorter service life of the equipment.

If the power of ultrasonic cleaning is small, the cleaning time of workpiece will be affected, and the cleaning time will be long or the cleaning effect will be deviated. Therefore, when we choose the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the workpiece's general height is less than 30 cm. When the height of the inner groove of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is about 40 cm, we can choose a single vibration plate at the bottom and keep the power between 0.3 and 0.5 W per square centimeter. If the workpiece is too large or the amount of cleaning is too large, the height of the groove we choose is more than 40 cm, which is usually calculated according to the power rise, and is generally selected at 11 w/L.

2. The choice of power of ultrasonic cleaner, the threshold of ultrasonic cavitation and the frequency of ultrasonic are closely related.

There is a close relationship between the ultrasonic cavitation threshold and the frequency of the ultrasonic wave when the power of the ultrasonic cleaner is selected. The higher the frequency is, the higher the cavitation valve is. In other words, the lower the frequency, the easier the cavitation will occur, and the longer the time interval between the compression and sparsity of the liquid under the low frequency condition, which will enable the bubble to grow to a larger size before collapse, and increase the cavitation intensity, which is conducive to cleaning. Therefore, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for large parts or dirt and cleaning parts with high surface adhesion. However, it is easy to corrode the surface of cleaning parts, not suitable for cleaning parts with high surface finish, and has high cavitation noise.

The frequency of 40 KHZ is about the same. Under the same sound intensity, the number of cavitation bubbles is more than that at 20 KHZ. The penetration force is stronger. It is suitable to clean the workpiece with complex surface shape or blind hole. The cavitation noise is small, but the cavitation intensity is low. It is suitable for the occasion where the adhesion between the cleaning dirt and the surface of the cleaned part is weak.

3. Power Calculating Formula of Ultrasound Cleaner

(1) According to the calculation of transducer (commonly known as vibration head), there are two kinds of transducer power on the market at present: 50W/1PCS and 60w/PCS. Power of an ultrasonic cleaner: Number of transducers N*50W or N*60W.

(2) Know the length and width of the cleaning tank, 100 mm away from a shock, both horizontal and vertical. The power of the shock is usually 50W or 60W. 600*400=240000 divided by 10000=24 shock 24*50=1200W 24*60=1440W.

(3) The groove body is generally placed on the bottom, 600*400 mm surface, and 24 oscillators can be arranged evenly in general. If the pollution is serious, the power can be increased appropriately and 28 oscillators can be placed evenly. The total power is about 1400 w. It is suitable to use a 1500W generator.

(4) If the oscillator is placed below, the power calculation of the ultrasonic cleaner is 60*40*0.55=1320W.

The choice of the power of the ultrasonic cleaner will have a great impact on the cleaning effect and cleaning time of the ultrasonic cleaner. Only by reasonably selecting the power of the ultrasonic cleaner can a good cleaning effect be achieved. According to the above knowledge, we can also take a lot of detours if we implement it. I hope I can help you.

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