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Principle and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2019-06-24

The ultrasonic cleaner uses the ultrasonic generator to send out the ultrasonic vibration wave to vibrate the fouling and cause the pollutant to fall off. Its basic principle is to use the charged particles to free on the surface of the pollutant, then penetrate into the pollutant, and then use the function of the electrolytic rod to absorb the charged particles, so as to adsorb the fouling in the two-pole electrolytic rod. The dyes are removed together. Ultrasound cleaning machine has many advantages, such as:

1. It can remove the dirt on the metal surface and make the original smooth surface far away from the metal surface.

2. It has excellent effect of dust removal, rust removal and rust prevention.

3. It can also remove the more difficult pollutants.

4. Compared with manual cleaning, it saves more time and can save several hours greatly.

5. It has more scientific and environmentally friendly cleaning function, and its operation performance is very strong.

6. It can improve the qualified rate of semi-finished products in the production process.

7. Ultrasound cleaning machine has a long service life. As long as it is maintained regularly and reasonably, it can generally run without failures for more than five years, and can not breathe for more than ten years.

8. The material used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine is of high performance-price ratio and affordable price.

9. Ultrasound cleaning machine has a wide range of applications, whether it is injection mold or CNC mold, mold parts and so on can be cleaned.

10. Clean the contaminants in the clearance of various workpieces.

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