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Air-drying Production Line for Peeling, Cleaning and Cutting of Melons and Fruits

Release time:2019-07-17


The air-drying production line for peeling, cleaning and cutting of melons and fruits is mainly composed of four parts: the wool stick cleaning and peeling machine, the vegetable and fruit cleaning machine, the melon and fruit cutting machine and the air-drying machine.

Suitable for peeling, cleaning, cutting and air-drying of sweet potatoes, taro, potatoes and other materials

1. Ball cleaning and peeling machine

It is suitable for peeling and cleaning sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes and other materials.

According to different materials, straight wool/wavy wool/sand stick/soft wool/hard wool can be selected to achieve the effect of cleaning and peeling, cleaning and polishing.

Output of 0.8-4 tons/hour (ordered or ordered according to customer's needs)

2. Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

It has four functions: bubble rolling cleaning, circulating water surfing, ozone sterilization and disinfection, high pressure water spraying and washing.

3. Cutting Machine for Melons and Fruits

Shredding, slicing and dicing of vegetables and fruits suitable for rhizomes

Multi-purpose machine, high output

Taiwan original blade, smooth and delicate cutting surface, non-sticking

4. Vibration Drainage Air Dryer

It is used to remove excess moisture on the surface of vegetables and fruits after cleaning and disinfection, so as to facilitate the subsequent packaging and distribution of materials.




This project example is customized for our company according to customer needs.

For customized production line, please contact Manager Chen 18026166792.

Senior engineers will be arranged for docking


Our company can customize various vegetable and fruit sorting, cleaning, cutting and air-drying production lines according to customer requirements.

For details, please contact Manager Chen 18026166792.




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